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We of the O’Dochartaigh Clann Association have become organized enough to reach out and invite others, like yourselves, to take a look at us.  So we welcome you, and each one of your family, to our world of  “family group numbers”, “circa”, “censuses”, “abt”, “old world history” and “lands of new beginnings.”  If you are a descendant of an O’Dochartaigh you should feel right at home, for this website was designed with you in mind.  If you are a member of this association, then you already know the thrill and the wonder of our group and the unique strength and dedication pledged by each member to our clan’s goals.

This association is about family and our family history is very important to us.  Our history gives us our shared identity and our genealogy points to our shared ancestry- despite the various spellings of our surname or the langauges we speak.


The research of our family history and genealogy has opened our eyes, ears, hearts and minds to the voices of the past.  Wether from those courage ancestors who stayed in Ireland or those courageous immigrants who left for new lands, there’s a message that rings down through the ages, telling us that hardships can be overcome, carving out a nation takes sacrifices and hard work, and establishing a strong nation takes commitment and cooperation.  Call us strange, but we take these messages to heart.


Members of this O’Dochartaigh association will give no less of our energy to discover more about the struggles and hopes of our ancestors.  We will do it in the same spirit that they had shown to us, with all of our commitment and cooperation.

To this end, we have formed this association to bring each descendant of the ancient Irish O’Dochartaigh family together to (1) share in each new discovery of family history, (2) unite against our struggles to find our individual lineages, (3) train each new generation and (4) document what we have discovered so that no O’Dochartaigh will ever have to live without the full understanding of their prior family members.


On this site you will find:

  • Our Mission, goals and projects
  • Our Message to our O'Dochartaigh family
  • Profiles on our leaders and members
  • Reunion pictures and reunion testimonies
  • Past newsletters (Members Only)
  • Forms to submit family genealogy information:  in "Download Files"
  • Links to interesting Irish sites (Members Only)
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