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We began this organization in the 1970's in Canada and the USA.  In 1984 we found a home for it in Ireland and began what has amounted to 22 years of uninterupted and intensive genealogy research in Ireland.  
The Association is re-forming back in Canada and the USA again, where the interest and participation is at an all time high.  Work teams and research teams are forming, being driven by many enthusiastic members.
Normally, membership drops following the build up with each "Grand Reunion", but this year looks to be the exception.  "I can smell the 200 membership milestone marker because we are that close to it," explains Cameron Dougherty, Treasurer.  "We have grown right out of our old clothes.  We need new governing documents, more leaders, larger operation and new tools to go with our active membership and new vision," observes Cameron, "and we won't have to look far for the help.  They are already knocking at the door."
"This Association is a membership-driven, membership-guided and membership-empowered organization that is on a mission.  All this enthusiasm and commitment could use a little direction and organization.  I beleive we have members among us who could do it the best."
"The days ahead are critical to our development and effectiveness.  It would be great to see every member contributing with unselfish participation in the process of writing our new By-laws, electing officers and forming new work teams.  Our family has been scattered around the globe long enough.  It's time we come back together."
The O'Dochartaigh Clann Association is about teaming up with others to find your family history, discover past and current family members, share family stories and preserve this legacy.
The more O'Dochartaighs that contribute, the better and faster will be the results.  Come on board with us and bring your whole family into the experience.
You can make contact with other family members at our forum-based website at www.odochartaigh.org right now, but please sign in on this website first so we can stay in touch with you.

Our Familiy Crest

Our Goals
    • Collect, organize and document genealogical information on descendants of Clan O'Dochartaigh
    • Maintain a genealogy database of information related to the descendants of Clan O'Dochartaigh
    • Publish a Newsletter for Association members
    • Maintain a website which members can dialog and exchange information about genealogy, Irish culture and history
    • Promote comradery amongst members by encouraging social events and organizing reunions
    • Promote tourism in Ireland

Collectively, we are dedicated to serving each member's needs.