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Bill Daughtrey's Testimonial

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Bill Daughtrey

Genealogy held no interest for me until 1983 when my father published his Daughtry Family History book, with all the fascinating stories and pictures of our ancestors.  My wife and I had been actively involved in several annual family reunions organized by my Dad, but they dwindled and finally stopped.  My interest in family history was put on the "back burner" for 22 years.

In March 2005, I was going through some old papers left from my father's estate and cam upon a letter sent to him from Patrick Dougherty in Ireland.  On a whim I decided to write the Clan Herald.  That simple act marked the beginning of a new and exciting adventure.  Within a few months time, my wife and I discovered Ireland while attending the 2005 Clan Reunion where we met many new "cousins", made some close friends and "walked in the footsteps of my ancestors."  It was very meaningful for me- almost mystical.

Bill Daughtrey (left) at 2005 Clann Reunion in Ireland